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Three Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Your Home

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Are you planning a new driveway or patio? If so, you may have seen an array of decorative concrete styles and wondered if this paving will suit you. Consider the following benefits to help you decide.

Adjust the Texture

A handy benefit of decorative concrete is that you can adjust its texture to suit your needs. If you're concerned about having a safe, non-slip texture, you can install stamped concrete with pronounced faux grout lines. However, if you want prams or wheelchairs to run easily along the surface, you can choose decorative styles with subtle textures. For example, install a rock-salt or broom finish. 

These more uniform finishes may also work best if you want to set up a basketball hoop in your driveway. Though, if the concrete covers sloping ground, you might prefer more texture to make it safer. Contractors can also add gritty elements to the concrete sealant to make it less slippery. Regardless of your situation, you can fine-tune decorative concrete to suit your needs.

Precise Colour Matching

No matter where you lay paving on your property, you need to choose something that matches the house and landscape. You generally select from what's available with bricks, pavers, or timber planks. But with decorative concrete, you specify the colour. The contractors will then create your colour and design preferences.

They can add hues to the concrete at various stages. Integrally coloured concrete has pigments blended in at the cement mixing stage. Dyes, stains and dry shake colours are applied to poured concrete. Typically, various hues are layered, so the paving looks nuanced and organic. Thus, you can precisely coordinate the paving with the house cladding and roof. You can take into account the vegetation in the garden and other hardscape features.

Diverse Looks

Another benefit to consider with decorative concrete is the wide variety of looks and styles it provides. You could opt for a stamped design imprinted to mimic stone pavers. It can emulate large classic ivory travertine tiles or irregular slate ones. Other looks a concrete company can create are cobblestones, ceramic tiles and wood planks. You can give the paving a rustic, modern, or grand look. If your house's architecture is Mediterranean-style, you can lay warm terracotta-look paving. Because you're in charge of the appearance of decorative concrete, you can imbue it with your personality and include your favourite colours and textures while harmonising it with the environment.

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