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Top Advantages of Installing Underground Concrete Water Tanks

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Water shortages can significantly affect farm operations; therefore, installing a concrete water tank is an excellent strategy. Concrete water tanks allow you to store enough water and prevent shortages. Besides, they help keep water bills low. Notably, concrete water tanks can be installed above-ground or underground, with most property owners opting for the former. Although underground concrete tank installation is costly in the short term, its long-term benefits outweigh above-ground installations. This article highlights the key benefits of underground concrete water tanks.

Design Flexibility 

One significant impediment to installing underground water tanks is space availability. If you do not have enough space on your property, the chances are high that you will choose an above-ground water tank and install it on an elevated platform. Concrete water tanks are versatile and can get around space issues pretty well. Notably, a contractor can easily mould concrete into any shape and customise an underground concrete water tank to fit the available space. For instance, if your home has an L-shaped design, a contractor can design an L-shaped underground water tank that conforms to the shape of your house. Although the water tank may be narrow, the fact that it extends around the house means enough water storage for your needs. It is something you cannot achieve with plastic underground tanks, which come in precast shapes.

Low Maintenance 

Stainless steel water tanks are made by welding, bolting and riveting several metal plates together. It means that the tanks contain unbreachable seams. However, if you live in an area where the soil has a high water-retaining capacity, moisture can gradually wear the seams. It might allow groundwater, possibly contaminated, to seep through the joints, making stored water unusable. Thus, regular inspections and maintenance are critical for underground steel water tanks. Underground concrete water tanks are not high maintenance even if installed in soil with high water-retaining capacity. It is because concrete water tanks are constructed with waterproofing in mind. Contractors use waterproofing fabric or liners to ensure that your underground concrete tank is impenetrable and low maintenance.

Increase Property Value

You can only do so much on a property with limited space. Therefore, adding an above concrete water tank does nothing but lower the value of your property. Notably, the cost of uninstalling above ground concrete water tank is enough to make a potential buyer look elsewhere. Underground concrete water tank installation saves space on a small property, making it attractive to potential buyers. Buyers can use the available small space for anything they wish, such as installing a swing set for their kids.

For more information on underground water tanks, contact a local concrete contractor.