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How Your Warehouse Distribution Business Can Benefit From a Slipcover Contractor

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Owning a warehouse distribution centre means you will need to make upgrades to your property eventually. This could mean repaving the loading docks and streets or even constructing expansions onto your warehouse buildings. Though you may be inclined to use a traditional contractor for these projects, there are some benefits to using a slipcover contractor specifically. Here are some ways they can help you and what to know about each method.

Roadways and Loading Docks

One of the key components of your loading docks and roads is they need to be level. You need them level to ensure safe transport in and out of your warehouse. You also need the roadways and loading dock level to ensure that your product is loaded safely, properly and with reduced chances of damage if the loads have to sit for a number of hours or longer. A slipcover contractor can offer the straight continuous pour method you need to keep an even and level pour to these areas. 

Loading Docks Standing Area

Part of your loading dock is the standing area for your employees. You may have several people standing on these docks at any given time. For example, not only do you have the loading contractors, but you also have the forklift drivers as well as someone checking the inventory. You can also have a manager and weight supervisor. This number of people need a properly levelled and well-built dock for their safety and the safety of the other members of the team. The dock stand also needs to hold it's integrity if any truck accidentally backs into the area. The vertical pouring method used by a slipcover contractor is ideal for a loading dock standing or staging area upgrade. 

Quick Setting Benefits

Regardless of your upgrades, you are likely working on a tight deadline for those upgrades. This is especially true for your specific business of warehousing and distribution. You want to lose as little time as possible. For that reason a slipcover contractor is ideal. The methods they use are quickly placed and are quick setting. This means less time goes into waiting for setting and finishing touches. You reach your deadline faster and your trucks can get moving faster. 

If you feel that a slipcover contractor is who you need to discuss your upcoming upgrades with, contact your local office. They can schedule a consultation. They can then look at your various issues and upgrades to determine which methods will be best for your business. If you have materials questions or questions regarding deadlines, you can ask during the consultation.