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Most Popular Types of Water Tanks and Their Features

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Most people who stay in rural areas don't access the municipal water supply. If well water isn't available in the neighbourhood, homeowners have to depend on refillable water storage tanks to meet their daily water needs. The tanks can also be used to store rainwater.

Would you like to buy a tank soon but you don't know which type is best? Water tanks can be made of various materials such as galvanised steel, fibreglass, concrete and plastics. The sizes vary widely and your choice will depend on your consumption habits.

This post outlines common varieties of water tanks often used by homeowners.

Plastic Tanks

Plastic water tanks are common these days due to their outstanding features. Other than being durable, they are easy to handle and light in weight. The installation process is also very simple. Plastic tanks also do not disintegrate easily and are rust-free. Moreover, they are designed in a single piece meaning there is no need for joints or seams. The tanks come in various colours and can also be recycled after use.

Concrete Tanks

A concrete tank lasts longer due to the strength cement offers. But due to their weight, cement tanks aren't easy to handle. Most of them are installed underground, although you can still install a smaller tank above the ground. Another disadvantage is that they leak lime into the stored water, so they need to be flushed properly before they are used. Note that cement tanks crack and leak over time.

Fibreglass Tanks

Fibreglass is another material that's used to manufacture tanks. It's strong and does not corrode or rust. It's capable of resisting adverse weather conditions, making it ideal for use regardless of the climate conditions in your area. So, whether it is too cold or hot, you can be sure this tank will stand the temperatures without cracking or splitting. The price you'll pay is also reasonable, and installation will be easy because it's light in weight.

Steel Tanks

Steel tanks are usually made using galvanised steel – the zinc coating helps protect steel from being corroded. Since steel is strong and durable, you can be sure a steel tank will be capable of storing any quantity of water comfortably. However, the initial cost you'll incur to buy the tank will be high, and it can still rust and corrode if it's not maintained well. Luckily, leakages can be prevented by covering them with food-grade polyethylene liners. The liners need to be replaced since they can break with time.