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Pros of Exposed Aggregate for Residential Use

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If you are looking to change the flooring or paving of your home, one of the materials that you could consider is exposed aggregate. This type of concrete provides an economical way to achieve spectacular visuals in and around your home. There are two main ways that exposed aggregate can be achieved the first way is through seeding whereby the contractors will add decorative materials into the concrete. Some of the popular materials used during seeding include quartzite, coloured glass or coloured rocks. The second way of achieving exposed aggregate is through stripping. This is whereby the contractors will strip away the fresh finish of newly laid concrete to expose the aggregate materials that were mixed into the concrete. Below are some of the pros of opting for exposed aggregate for your residential paving and flooring needs.

Exposed aggregate provides you with decorative finishes

One of the main advantages of choosing exposed aggregate is that it is much more appealing than regular, grey concrete that can make your home look quite bland. When you opt for exposed aggregate, you will have a wide selection of textures as well as colour variations to choose from. This ensures that any homeowner can find paving or flooring that will complement both the exterior as well as the interior of their home.

In addition to this, the aggregate that is mixed with concrete comes in an assortment of shapes and sizes. These function to add depth to the exposed aggregate, hence creating visual interest wherever they are installed.

Exposed aggregate provides you with durability

A misconception some people may have is that due to the aesthetic properties of exposed aggregate, that it would be less durable than conventional concrete. This could not be further from the truth, though. The reality is exposed aggregate is just as durable and will have a long lifespan wherever it is installed. Firstly, the substrate layer of the exposed aggregate is traditional concrete. This ensures that it has a firm foundation and will not succumb to superficial damage over time.

Secondly, if you would like to maintain the appearance of the exposed aggregate finish, you can opt to have it sealed by your paving contractors. This will protect the finish from damage due to exposure to ultraviolet rays, exposure to moisture and more. Lastly, exposed aggregate innately strong. This enhanced structural integrity makes it capable of withstanding high impact, which makes it suitable for areas prone to high traffic.