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Working With Exposed Aggregate Concrete: Top Tips

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The external look of your property can help to substantially increase or decrease its value. This is why you should carefully consider the type of concrete you use when constructing your driveway. Exposed aggregate is a type of concrete which is both stylish and durable. It is made by mixing gravel, pebbles or small stones with concrete. Exposed aggregate allows you to create customised designs and an individual look for your property. Below is a guide that will help you get the best results when working with exposed aggregate.

Raking the Base Material

The presence of gravel, pebbles or stones is what gives aggregate concrete its unique look. The type of material you choose to use will be used to create the finished exposed aggregate look and also be used as a base onto which to pour the concrete. This base should be supported around its parameter by wooden side boards, which will hold the concrete in place once it is poured. It is important that you rake the material to ensure that the base is completely even before you begin to pour the concrete. If you fail to do this, it is likely the concrete surface will become uneven once poured.

Pouring the Concrete

Once you are sure that the base material is level, you can begin to pour the concrete. You should ensure that the concrete is poured quickly but evenly onto the base material. If you take too long in pouring the concrete, it could begin to set before you have covered the base material, leading to an uneven surface. You should stop pouring the concrete before it reaches the top of the wooden side boards, as you will need room to create the exposed aggregate look. If you do not leave space, you will be left with a plain concrete driveway.

Creating the Exposed Aggregate Look

Once you have poured the concrete, you can add the gravel, pebbles or stones which you wish to use to create the exposed aggregate look. You will need to work at speed to ensure that the concrete is still wet enough so that you can create the design you desire. It is easier to move gravel, pebbles or stones over the surface of the concrete using a broom rather than using a rake.

If you have any further questions about how to pour exposed aggregate concrete, contact a professional concreting company today.