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Concrete Sealing: Frequently Asked Questions

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Although the concrete in your yard may seem solid, it is also a porous material. This means that it can easily absorb liquids and moisture. If oil, grime or grease comes into contact will concrete, it can seep into the material creating unsightly stains which are very difficult to remove. This is why it is important that you properly seal any concrete surfaces in your yard. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding concrete sealant.

How does concrete sealing work?

Concrete can be sealed using an acrylic resin. This can be purchased from your local hardware store. When the resin is applied to the surface of the concrete, it forms a protective barrier which prevents moisture and liquid from coming into contact with the concrete beneath. The sealant will also help to protect your concrete surface from mildew which can cause black staining.

Will applying sealant to concrete affect its appearance?

Applying sealant will not have a negative impact on the appearance of your concrete surface. In fact, applying a concrete sealant can actually help to draw out and intensify the colour of a concrete surface. Most concrete surfaces will look better once they have had a layer of sealant applied. An exposed aggregate concrete can benefit greatly from a layer of sealant as it can greatly enhance the beauty of any stones and pebbles which are embedded in the surface.

How often will you need to seal your concrete surfaces?

There are many different factors which can influence how often you will need to seal a concrete surface, such as the location of the concrete, local weather conditions and the type of sealant product you use. In order to establish how often you will need to reapply sealant to the concrete, you should refer to the information provided by your concrete contractor and the manufacturer of the sealant. As a general rule of thumb, you should start considering reapplying the layer of sealant when you notice that the concrete is beginning to fade. This is a sign that the current layer of sealant is wearing away. If you do not reapply the sealant, your concrete may begin to loose its colour and will be at risk of damage and staining caused by moisture and contaminants.

If you have any further questions about concrete care and the sealing process, you should contact a professional concrete installation and repair company.